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Thoughts On: Birthright #2

Birthright - Richard A. Knaak

Man this book is so slow. So, so slow. Plus it's like the author doesn't want to refer to the characters by name. So he calls them by their relation to the main character or if they're a woman by their relation to their father. It's weird.

I'm mostly reading this for more Diablo lore because I really like the world. I'm really disappointed that the story is taking so damn long to get going. Farmer guy meets hot girl and gets magical powers. That's about it. It took 80% of the book before he realized hot girl is actually Lilith the (apparently scaly, quill-y, but still super hot and "soft in the right places" [ugh]) demon.

It takes skill to take the cool premise--rogue angels and demons sick of the eternal struggle work together to create "Earth" and humans and nephalem--and turn it into such a bleh story.

Thoughts On: Birthright #1

Birthright - Richard A. Knaak

Not a lot of diversity in this book. Plus one of the female characters only seems to exist because of her love/crush on the main character. Also, why is she constantly referred to as Cyrus' daughter instead of by name? It defines her by her relationship to other men rather than as a person.

I mean this is the first tie-in novel for the Diablo universe, but I expected a little more. Kinda boring so far.